7 Super Quick Mobile App Design Tips in 90 seconds

Feb 4th, 2019


If you have 90 seconds, you’ll love these 7 super quick mobile app design tips. And the time starts now!

1. Push notifications

Send Personalized Push Notifications based on user’s behavior, interests and location. This will boost re-engagement with your app

2. Dynamic content

Place dynamic content at the heart of your app. Dynamic information and visualisations make the app interesting and give reasons for the users to come back.

3. Offline mode

Make provisions for offline mode using the phone’s local memory. It can make your app usable at all times, irrespective of your location.

No Internet = No problem

4. Background refresh

Background refresh lets your app content be updated in the background. This readies your app with latest and important information even when the internet is poor.

5. Test your app

Test how your app works in fluctuating internet connection and tweak your app responses for a seamless experience. You could also set up timeouts or give appropriate feedback to users to bypass this problem.

6. Narrow down features

A mobile app should not have all the features of its desktop version. Narrow down the app’s features to suit mobile users’ context of use. Choose only those features that will best suit the primary use case of users.

7. Choose development platforms

Hybrid and native development platforms have their own advantages. You can choose the platform when you decide the ideal user experience for your users.

That’s 90 seconds for a lifetime of good app designs.

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