Our Journey

In 2008, the IT industry needed a good UX firm. There were many other companies in domains of Marketing, Branding, Web Designing etc. who claimed to work on User Experience (UX), but they didnt excel at it. For us UX has been about synthesizing the users needs and technologies. For us understanding of technologies is as important as understanding the user.
our journey

We started in Dec, 2009 with our first project. We designed the experience of a web application for high-end online contests.

Userfacet UX Design and FutureLab LLP was registered in April 2010.

In 2011, within 1 year of inception we worked for our first Fortune 100 client. Designed web portals for inventory and lead management to be used by thousands of franchises and millions of users across the US and Canada.

In 2012, we started the design and development of ipassio.com, our in house innovation. The entire product cycle of ipassio.com till date has helped Userfacet understand the importance of each UX Design decision in a products life cycle.

2012, 2013, 2014 - Userfacet kept growing the User Experience clientele of top corporate and Fortune 100 companies. We spent a lot of effort sitting with software development teams to understand the technologies behind and ensure that the product experience was pixel perfect. Our happy clients referred us and helped us grow.

2014 - Started the design and development of our 2nd in-house product Roadlike. The Roadlike mobile apps has helped Userfacet understand that a key to designing mobile apps is about including content that is highly dynamic for a user to reuse your app.

24, Dec 2015 - Roadlike was covered in the Times of India newspaper as one of the recommended apps.

2015 - Our clients asked us to start software development because they wanted the product experience to match the designs. We started our first software development project for one of the Fortune 100 companies and since then we have been delivering high performing experiential products.

We decided to make Userfacet a multi disciplinary team and since then we have been growing the team with Experience Designers, Experience Researchers, Visual Designers, Usability Experts, Front-end Developers, Backend Developers, Mobile App Developers, Animators, Marketers, Sales, Support etc. Understanding and including point of views from different domains in the User Experience design have further upgraded our Product Design and Development quality.