BuildUX is a groundbreaking SaaS platform for collaborative UX strategy, uniting UX professionals and product leaders for enhanced outcomes.


Software Development


Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Service offered

Enterprise UX


2022 to date

What we did

UX Research, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Branding and, UX Features for Acquisition, Activation, Engagement, Retention and Monetization.

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Our Impact

BuildUX allows you to create 10 personas in one view within 2 hours. Our Attributes Library offers 150+ attributes covering demographics, psychographics, and behaviors.

Use AI for quicker persona creation, aligning product teams for actionable UX insights.

Reports and analysis optimize user journeys and product features, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

Prioritizing user-centric design yields satisfaction and user-friendly products through data-driven decisions.

Services Offered

UX Research

UX Design

Product Development

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