Mecklai Financial

Mecklai Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. is a consulting company exclusively focused on treasury risk management.




Mumbai, India



Service offered

Enterprise UX


2020 March - July

What we did

Userfacet designed dashboards for relationship managers to look at their client’s hedges, exposures, unhedged funds, and overall financial portfolio for what they will get back with their export contracts. This can be done for various regions and currencies.

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Our Business

Time saved for relationship managers to analyze customer portfolios.

Significant Visibility for customers on their return.

Our Impact

Previously, clients' portfolios were managed using excel sheets and required relationship managers to update them regularly. Now, it is an easy-to-use tool dashboard.

The dashboard eliminated human error and manual calculations.

Provided easy visibility of clients' portfolios to relationship managers. It helped managers communicate status, impacts, and decision-making for liquidating, hedging, and unhedged funds with their clients.

Services Offered

Requirements Gathering

Stakeholder Interview

Use Case Identification

Information Architecture

UX Design

UI Design

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