One of the world’s largest U.S.-based automaker

An American multinational automobile manufacturer.




Michigan, USA



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Enterprise UX



What we did

Userfacet designed dealer websites to empower the dealers to make quick changes and review them then and there. It reduced the dependency on contacting the brand to make changes in the product like setting up content, branding, colors, future campaigns, navigations, banner images, and editing inventory. Previously, the company had to make customizations and changes for every dealer in their text editor. But now, the dealers do the customizations themselves.

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Over 5000 dealers across North America (USA & Canada) are using the dealer web application to manage their presence & lead management. They are saving a considerable amount of time and dependency on the automobile company to customize the offerings to their prospects.

Processes Used

Requirements Gathering

Background Research

Understanding the dealers' (user) needs

Competitive Analysis

Core Interaction Options

Presenting Core Options

Narrowed it down to one option

Information Architecture and UX Design

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