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Experiential Applications


2017 - to date

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What we did

Userfacet partnered with Infosys to simplify complex technological use cases through experiential applications that were also showcased at the world's largest conferences. The experiential applications brought to life powerful technologies in retail, smart agriculture, blockchain, medical systems, banking systems, cloud infrastructure, natural disaster management, and digital transformation journeys.

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Our Impact

Accelerated sales cycle by simplifying complex enterprise applications through experiential storytelling.  

Elevated brand experience across various touch points.

Services Offered

Identifying Use Cases

UX Design

Experiential Application Development

QA Testing

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ESG Radar

Designed and Developed an Interactive Report to present outcomes of ESG Radar Research conducted by Infosys Knowledge Institute.

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Interactive Reports

Designed and Developed interactive digital reports to present outcomes of researches conducted by Infosys Knowledge Institute.

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Created a metaverse store where users can interact & buy products and learn about the Fluido Salesforce Loyalty Program capabilities.

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Infosys Purpose Statement

Created a couple of short games for Infosys employees to learn about the Infosys Purpose Statement and earn goodies.

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Collaborated with Infosys to showcase blockchain technology for a healthcare use case.

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Created various use cases and scenarios to demonstrate voice recognition using Alexa and Google Home.

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Transformation Journeys

Showcased the capabilities of Infosys for SAP and cloud transformation journeys.

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Intelligent image mapping

Collaborated with Infosys in showcasing the use case of predicting the growth of trees, calculating the distance from electric poles, and alarming the fire units accordingly.

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3D Living Labs

Created a system to manage the virtual environment and a tool for the marketing team to manage events.

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Future of Retail

Collaborated to showcase the future of retail, where users could add to cart, checkout, and learn more about items on their own. They don’t need retail staff at any point in their shopping journey.