Fluent Health

Fluent Health is a mobile-first app designed for the modern woman in India – thoughtfully created by women, for women. It's a centralized home to manage every aspect of personal and family health.


Health Care


Mumbai , India




2020 Nov - 2021 Apr

What we did

Userfacet conducted extensive User Experience Research for over six months and interviewed 30 doctors and 30 patients across four medical modalities. The insights gained informed the product, keeping the user’s needs and expectations in mind.

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Business Impact

First-of-its-kind transformative holistic healthcare solution for women.

Comprehensive User Research to uncover possible business strategies, and arrive at product-market fit.


Found out five key doctor personas.

Defined the mental models of different types of patients.

Mapping product requirements to Information Architecture which will be uptaken by the design team.

Mapping features to technologies required, service-based architecture.

Helped Fluent Health understand their space/market and competitors.

Services Offered

Stackholder Interview

Competitive Analysis

User Profiling

Docter Interviews

Patient Interviews

Product Strategies

Behavioral Personas

Feature Personas

Information Architecture

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