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Orb Energy provides solar energy solutions like rooftop systems to large-scale residential, commercial, and industrial customers.





Bangalore , India



Service offered

Enterprise UX


2019 - 2020 (Web and mobile apps)

2020 - to date (continuous support)

What we did

Userfacet designed and developed mobile and web applications to track solar impact cost benefits to users in real-time. We also designed and developed their brand website and solar calculator to show how much money users could save on their investment over time.

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Our Impact

Shortened sales cycle and upfront cost benefits due to the solar calculator.

The Mobile app was rolled out to 1000s of customers using which, they get a real-time view of solar performance and savings earned.

Customer service technicians are alerted when solar performance drops, with insights on possible causes to proactively address the issue

Millions of data bits come from remote solar installations across India that are stored and analyzed with ease in real-time.

Processes Used

Background Research

Stakeholder Interviews

Study of sales cycles and process documents

Information Architecture

UX Design

Use Case Documentation

Software Development Web and Mobile

QA Testing

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